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Sunday, 06 May 142 03:30

Parlagh factory in order to increase the quality of all the machinery such as the world day of the press blanket, all kinds of The CNC, I prepared a lamb horizontal and vertical, the edge of the hose s hole and women are used.

1 - Panel on the machine with the capability of automatic programming (Maximum cutting size 6600x 2200) Company SCM Italy

2 - CNC machine cutting, drilling, milling Tuesday axis with an accuracy of 0.001 mm automatic SCM company Italy

3 - membrane and vacuum pressing machine for pressing laminated PVC manufacturing companies in Italy ORMA Machine

4 - the car companies started making SCM Italy (two)

5 - her 35th hole drilling machine capable of drilling in the contact angles with the Italian company SCM

6 - speed automatic machines flat edge adhesive 20 meters per minute company SCM Italy

7 - Machinery Manufacturing Co., curve-fitting edge SCM Italy

8 - The curve-fitting edge milling machine SCM company Italy

9 - 3 storey building Maral stamping machine

10 - grated floor of the car manufacturing companies in Italy grego

11 - Saw Machines Company Lent grego Italy (two)

12 - Machinery Manufacturing Co., SCM bigness Italy (two)

13 - Ram saws for cutting timber and manufacturing machinery and parquet wood sconce with a speed of 45 meters per minute company SCM Italy

14 - Four CNC machine to produce wooden and MDF profiles at 22 meters per minute company SCM Italy

15 - milling machine made ​​in Italy (two)

16 - Other machinery and equipment to complete production lines for wooden products

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